In the Agrifood sector, blockchain is an excellent ally allowing traceability, transparency and reliability. It allows us to tell the story of our products from the ground to the table and guarantees a strong relationship of trust between the producers and the end consumers.

Each actor in the supply chain that adheres to the blockchain records the data of its operations (through smart contracts) and, in doing so, certifies them in a secure, distributed and unchangeable manner. For this reasons, blockchain guarantees consumers quality and safety and, simultaneously, it allows a complete protection of the Made in Italy brands to the operators of the sector .

Thanks to new technologies, it is possible to trace the entire supply chain, so as to increase the level of qualitative perception of the product.

Not surprisingly, for some time now, the largest food companies, such as Nestlé, Unilever and Carrefour have begun to experiment integrating of a new model of traceability of the entire food supply chain, in the direction of a greater guarantee of safety food. This experimentation is increasingly considered a global opportunity with the aim of strengthening consumer confidence and meeting the needs for greater control over the quality of what is put on the table.


The aim of the project is the research and development of a new software product to support food traceability digitizing all the events that contribute to the certification of the food product, also using IoT technologies, and validating all the process’s steps using blockchain technology.

The project also aims to verify the most suitable types and characteristics of blockchain networks useful to project objectives.

The prototype will be represented by a versatile IT platform, designed to trace and retrace food, and to manage and make the information usable through the use of Blockchain technology. Taking advantage of the Blockchain, the solution will allow to meet the concept of transparency, a concept nowadays increasingly important in the agri-food supply chain.

The value of transparency can determine an increase in the level of trust by consumers. Hence the very title of this project which sees, therefore, the concepts of traceability, transparency and trust, in the context of food production, combined with the technological aspects of the blockchain, which can guarantee reliability and robustness.



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